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Lake Geneve - Lure fishing - 2013

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The first Lake Geneva pike seduced by a Creeper

It has been a month now that I am equipped with a new rod from Sainte-Croix with all its necessary accessories to fish for pike on Lake Geneva. February 27, there is still a month before we move to summer time and before I have a bit more time for fishing in the evening after work. Today I came home at 17:30 so I had one hour to test my new material. I found out that fishing with a baitcasting reel is not that easy. This is the probably the most difficult reel to master, because the spool turns when you cast. The spool must be kept under control so as not to turn into a nasty nest of line.

My fishing van is always ready with my belly boat inflated so I'm floating on the water at 18:00. In my favorite fishing spot, the water passes quickly from 5 to 20 meters with slopes to the left and right; an ideal spot for jigging on the slopes. The sonar does not detect any fish here and I see that the water is still less than 5 °C. Where I think to see some activity on the sonar I try to sweep the bottom with my lure Art Creeper Baits (30 gr) vertically below my belly boat, but there is nothing that bites. I quickly abandon this technique and I focus on my throwing technique with my baitcaster; that was at the end the reason for being here on the water.
After less than an hour, the sun has already set and the night begins to fall. I decided to return. While doing so, I do practice a few more castings and when I thought it was my last throw of the evening, I was at a depth of 5 m and I threw towards 10 m, suddenly I feel the tension on my line and a few minutes later a little pike of 75cm shows up on the surface.

With this, my new purchase has been blessed, tested and proven its efficacy. The first pike from Lake Geneva became seduced by Art Creeper Baits and I'm sure it will not be the last one. To be continued ...

Brochet lac leman

Enjoy the pike fishing - Roel