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Late season perch fishing on Lake Geneva

December 2, 2012, the first day of winter was announced today. It will be a day with a few rays of sunshine alternating with snowflakes. As often on Sunday morning, I have time for a morning of fishing on Lake Geneva.
Last night, I completely revised my box with my lures. I am used to bring me two rods with me, one to cast medium sized lures or for vertical jigging and the other is a dropshot rod for small lures and light vertical fishing. But this morning I decided to take one rod because small perch do not bite the smaller lures anymore and the whitefish season is closed so no need nymphs.

 Two weeks ago a big pike took my lure and broke it into two pieces. Probably there is still has a bit of the hook between his teeth.
So what tackle will I take tomorrow? Three large lures (20-30 cm) and my basic assortment: a mixture of white and transparent lures. Looking into my reserves, I still find Lunker City Shaker 8cm lures. I received them from my brother for my birthday and I have not used them yet. I slide them quickly on some leaded hooks to complete my lure box for the day.

7am, it didn’t snow this night, but suddenly after breakfast there is a white carpet a few inches. During the 15 minute ride to my fishing spot snow continues falling, but once at the lake, the sun warms me up and the fresh air makes me feel good.

Today, there is virtually no wind, what is relieves me as I will not have to battle against the waves in my belly boat. Wind and waves can really be exhausting on Lake Geneva.

I start my day at 8 am and I seek depths of 20 meters where I had the bait of that pike some weeks ago. I regularly see schools of fish on the sonar, they are probably small perches 5-8 cm. I turn around in circles with a big lure but the vertical jigging does not lead to any success. I change my technique to see if there is a pike on the slopes between 5 and 20 meters. I try a white TurboTwister but again no action. An old fisherman just told me this morning that the season is over and the fish is seeking the depths for the winter now. Maybe he was not that wrong…

So, try something else. I head to depths of 25 meters and I take my new Lunker City lures mounted on a lead head of 17 grams. I cast towards deeper waters, and wait patiently until my lure hits the bottom of the lake. Ialmost emptied completely my reel. Gently I bring the lure closer keeping good contact with the bottom of the lake. A nice perch> 30cm was seduced by this imitation of wounded fish by my lure Lunker City lure. The fight of the perche was not like in summer. The temperature of the lake water starts to drop and one can feel that the activity of the fish also decreases. As I brought the perch up from 30m deep its swim bladder out of his mouth. This phenomenon is more common in winter than in summer for these depths because as they fight less, one brings them up faster. It is also one of the reasons why one should never put perches back in the water when caught by line.

Perche lac leman

Where you catch one perch, there is often a second, and this is what happens ... the breakfast of the perch floats on water and seagulls fighting for what is left of these half-digested fish.
But after a second catch, usually one has to adjust ther technique ... it's like they learn quickly, these perches. Indeed, the Shaker no longer able to seduce a third one. I try with the turbo twister, but peace came back at this part of the lake.

Besides ducks, cormorants and grebes, there is only one boat which the only sign of living on the lake. This boat was fishing by trolling with three lines looking for a pikes. Sincerely, he said "Hello, any catches today?" And I just learned today my technique for perch is more effective than trolling for pike.

Around 10 o'clock, I return towards the shore and when I go to 20 meters deep I can catch three beautiful perches again with the Lunker City Shaker.

It was really worth to defy the cold: 5 beautiful perches in three hours, and especially a beautiful new experience with my new Lunker City Shaker.

This is again some proof not to be discouraged by the local fishermen who say that the season is over. It makes me feel good to show that they were wrong , another time…

Enjoy X-mas time - Roel